4. Zales

Already well known for exceptional jewelry, Zales has jumped on the opportunity to sell customized rings, earrings, and pendants to the public. They do a good job of knowing their audience – who they should target to get the most out of mass customization. And they do this by focusing their marketing efforts on their customizable engagement and wedding rings. Many people want something special for their wedding and won't spare any expense to get something unique, something that suits their taste. Zales allows you to select a ring style, then a specific setting in that style (that includes the type of metal and the size). From there, you can browse through the available styles and pick one that you like, and then move on to choosing your diamond.

5. Chocri

Chocri is a German based company started because the founder wanted to buy his girlfriend a special gift – custom chocolate. Since then, the company has caught on and been featured in publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. You start by choosing your chocolate base (milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk and white chocolate combination) and then moving on to the toppings. You can choose up to five toppings to put on the base, including fruit, spices, nuts, candy, and special décor (one of their most popular of which is flakes of real gold). All in all, there are twenty-seven billion possible combinations so you can create something you'll be sure to enjoy. You can also browse popular and featured creations for inspiration or if you want to order one of those combinations.

There are many more companies and industries that find a way to mass customize their products, so you can be assured that no matter what you sell, you can find a way to incorporate customization and personalization too. It isn't expected, but it will give you a competitive edge; people love making something all their own.

About Infigra Ecommerce:

Infigra Ecommerce is a New York City based company that offers software as a solution (SaaS) and enables retailers to increase their sales by offering sophisticated e-commerce management tools. Our mission is to help move inventory by increasing the product visibility on different online global marketplace segments, such as Ebay and Amazon.

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5 sites that let you customize your own products

One trend that has been picking up speed the past few years is mass customization. Mass customization is similar to the process of mass production in price and technique; however, it allows for customers to customize their products into something unique by starting with a mass produced base and building on it. As the process becomes more streamlined, it will become more and more popular – especially because customers want to personalize things and feel like they own something unique. Because customers have shown they would rather own something they have a say in creating than something mass produced, more companies and ecommerce sites are making the effort to cater to this in at least one aspect of their product line. Here, we have compiled a list of five of the best examples of mass customization.

1. INDi Jeans

Shopping for jeans can be one of the most frustrating outings you encounter because it's so difficult to find a pair that will fit you right individually. INDi custom Jeans and Clothing provides a solution to allow you full control over how your jeans will look and fit, and caters to both men and women. Their customization process is thorough, first telling you how to measure yourself to find your correct fit. From there, you can start building your jeans by choosing a style and then adding other design options, such as fabric type and wash, leg opening style, pocket embroidery and stitching, and top rise shape. You'll be able to rotate your creation in the 3D preview window to make sure you're satisfied with the look before you move on to the next step and finalize the customization process. The site provides an easy, step-by-step, intuitive way of building your own jeans – giving the customer full control and letting him or her see the finished product as accurately as possible. Plus, INDi will keep your pattern on file indefinitely, allowing you to easily purchase another pair without having to start over from scratch.

2. Shoes of Prey

Shoes of Prey is devoted to allowing women to customize their shoes to create the perfect match. They know that many women go to the mall with a certain look in mind and come up empty-handed or disappointed in the lack of selection. The whole design process is in your hands; you can pick from several different bases for the overall shoe design, using the mouse to hover over them and rotate them for a better look. Then, once you've selected the shoe style you want, you can customize the toe style, the back style, the heel shape and size, and add any extra embellishments or decorations. From there, you can choose from many different types of colors and materials, ranging from leather to scales to glitter. You can also mismatch the color of the different shoe parts, such as the sole, the heel, and the inside of the shoe. Save your design or continue on to the checkout once you're finished.

3. Zazzle

Whereas other stores specialize in one type of customization, Zazzle aims to provide mass customization for all different sorts of categories. Some of these include T-shirts, mugs, cards, cell phone cases, bags – and more. The types of products they customize are constantly expanding as they try to find new ways to bring customization to the world. And, yes, they do ship internationally – to over 224 countries and counting. Zazzle's story is one of success, and it shows that you can give customers the option to design their own products while still making a profit. Furthermore, once you've customized your product, your design will be offered for sale on Zazzle so others can browse and buy.